Space Time Hate Fire

by The Jack Draculas

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released November 10, 2016


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The Jack Draculas Chicago, Illinois

The Jack Draculas™ is a metal lifestyle brand that includes music, live events, fashion, food, beverage, visual art and more.

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Track Name: Rat Shaman
Gone: a shaggy gray rat runs under the radiator
A split second of shadow
Gone: that's me, I'm nothing to anybody
Traverse the Dark

Mea culpa, stink of sulfer, broth of boiling scum
Razor blades, aborted babies
Cancer cuts of brains and hearts and dicks and lungs

The hatred: the fire that boils my blood
The riot and the iron mask of the leper that I have become
No metal can conceal the things I have done
If I could, I would but there's no way back from what I've become

Rat flesh infested with parasites,
mangled and deformed
Gone: misshapen tangle-fuck of alibis
I'm not here any more

Face is flushed and the skin is drawn
at the truth I've always known
The wasted lies I've trash-collected:
My excuses are my own

I am this, I did this, I built this collection
I spread this infection to all that I touch
I've become one with this rat's nest: there's no going back
I'd rather bite off my fingers than reach for the sun

Betrayer, defiler
In the shape of a man, the King Rat comes
Track Name: Splattering Ram
The night is fall'n and the road is black
and the bad news travels fast
The dead men walk and the real men hide
and there's no way this can last
No one has the answers, but the questions are well-known:
God is dead and the Devil is a lie so
how low can you go?

Hold on to the Darkness in your heart
Hold on or you'll be ripped apart
when the Dead God comes

God of Void, Dunwich Horror
Born in the heart of dead star
With fists of rime like darting fire
The hearts of men, born of war,
forged in a primal murder
The Deathless God
face to face with
The Great Destroyer

Don't get sentimental, because it's much worse than you heard
and whatever you saved for the way trip back home
Won't be worth fuck-all when the whole thing burns
Blood will run in rivers; bone gets ground to dust
Men will dress in the skin of men:
Cannibals of Earth That Was

Dig deep: find your fire
Dig deep: become a killer
when the Void God comes

A war fought in the open for things we've never seen
Against a green abomination, a transcosmic being
But the outcome is certian, for those with eyes to see:
There is no killer greater than the killer in you and in me

Swallowed up the Deathless God
In a Darkness greater than any darkness before
Track Name: mod_evasive
The eyes on the wire are black as liquid smoke
They writhe and conspire, they pick and prod and poke

Chrome Destroyer

Their fingers gliding like spiders across their telephones
Everlasting data calcified as hard as stone

Penitents and flagellants obsessed with sex and skin
The happy hour vampires alight and dig right in

Never. Again.

The eyes on the wire know everywhere I've been,
will never get tired, will never ever quit
And post-event they'll ruminate on every tiny sin
and I've become a data mine I wish had never been
Track Name: Demade
From the Shoulder of Orion to Olympus Mons
From the moons of Titan down to the Devil's jaws: go!
I am the last one alive

Into the Dark with a heart full of hate
I will carry the Fire

Failure was never an option
Fuck you: come and get me
Hell on Earth, two hands on the shotgun
Hurt me plenty

You wanna live forever? How do you want to survive?
There's no home left to go back to. Get ready to die: go!
Nobody gets out alive

I will carry the Light

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